martes, 27 de julio de 2010


Hi I am Diana Pirata,

Or usually known in the animal sub world of recues as Homeless pet (mascotasinhogar). I am originally from the chaotic Mexico City and one of my passions and motivations is to rescue and provide a nice home for those hopeless animals. My motivation to starting writing not in my mother tongue it’s because I think the animal situation down there or in countries like Mexico has to be known. Sometime ago the life brought me to Canada and now I can see 2 different points of view on the one same topic. Animals rights and of course people education and care for other species not only humans.

I am a proud of being a Patapirata (PiratePaw), and this animal cause is with me wherever I go, right now is up here in Canada.

What the heck does Patapirata mean?

It could be translated as PiratePaw but why? That’s the beauty of Patapirata. Because of the animal overpopulation down there the people who rescue animals always hit the same wall over and over again. What breed is she / he? And of course most of the time there is no breed or one pet has a lot of breeds mixed up, so pirate for us is a sarcastic way to say they are a mix SO WHAT? They deserve the same love and the same a nice home just like the others.

So I am a patapirata that's my thing.

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